• Product UI
  • Cloud Security

BackupLABS was looking to launch with a product UI that would keep customers subscribed.

Heads up!

This project was completed in collaboration with the wonderful design agency, Savvy Design.  If you are a SaaS company, please give Simon a shout.  He does STELLAR work — you won’t regret it.

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After a successful exit from their last venture, BackupLABS was hoping to get into the Cloud Security space. Since they had the $$$ for marketing this time around, they wanted to hit the ground running with a product UI that was very “sticky”.


To do that, we really got into the weeds on what was involved in making sure that a users’ backups were secured on their servers. We analyzed all of the different situations in which a user might run into friction in their UI, and polished it all up for them.

The result was 50+ screens that simplified all the flows and edge-cases in their product UI. Let’s try to see a customer churn now 😎