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The Cointree team needed a modern UX for their service that simplified digital currency trading.


At the time, Cointree was the leading crypto exchange in Australia — however users would regularly complain about how difficult it was to use their platform. For that reason, they were suspicious that a redesign would result in better retention.


I watched hours of session recordings, and interviewed their customers for week. Then, together with the marketing team, we came up with a totally new style guide for the site, and a complete redesign of their marketing site and product UI.

The Cointree team approached me looking to re-build both their public marketing site and the web application.

For context, here’s a snapshot of the marketing site at the time:

There was certainly some room for improvement here, though the messaging was quite clear and the site was performing quite well.  So, we took a step back and tried to evaluate the problem we were trying to solve.

We did our best to get a really intimate understanding of the customer journey for each segment.  Here’s how we did that:

  • I spent quite a bit of time talking with the leadership team to get an idea of where they were today, and how that was changing.
  • We sent out a survey to hear directly from customers what they liked and what they didn’t like about the service currently.
  • I did quite a few user interviews with brand evangelists to see what it was about Cointree that made them so keen to keep using the service.
During user interviews, I had individual brand evangelists go through and use the application while I watched, so I could see what was easy for them, and where there was friction in the experience.

Eventually, we built a completely new brand and site experience that more clearly explained their new value proposition and positioned them as a strong competitor in the market.

The New Brand

As we progressed through discovery, it became clear that there was a need from the market to understand digital currency a bit more.  We wanted to position the brand in such a way that it represented the friendly alternative to getting started in the messy world of digital currency.

With this in mind, we took their green color scheme, and modernized it quite a bit:

The new green gradient and their new logo.

It took us quite a bit to get here (involving end users directly along the way), though in the end we think we really hit the nail on the head here.

The new rounded font gives off a very friendly, welcoming feel, without sacrificing professionalism.

The Marketing Site

When it came to the marketing site, it was clear that we had to address a few key items:

  • The value proposition for creating an account had to be very clear.
    • That value proposition was complicated, so we had to get clever in how we expressed it to users.
  • Users will have varying digital coin preferences, so we had to keep the display flexible to adapt to their needs.
  • We wanted to showcase how active users were on the platform.
  • We wanted users to be able to jump into the account creation process from anywhere in the experience.

As the platform is still evolving to this day, I don’t want to disclose too much about the magic going on behind the scenes, but here’s a quick snapshot of the new homepage experience to give you an idea of how we went through built the homepage with these concerns in mind:

In the end, we were able to craft something really compelling, and although it’s still evolving, I’m excited to see where their team will take it from here.