Turing Labs

  • Product UI
  • Machine Learning (AI)

Turing Labs is a startup disrupting the CPG R&D space, and they needed a designer to create a one-of-a-kind interface.


Turing offers something alluring: the ability to use modern machine learning to rapidly increase the speed at which new food products are developed.  This sort of R&D is  huge cost for most CPG companies, so if AI can do a good chunk of the effort, it’s a no-brainer.  This one-of-a-kind value proposition landed them several huge clients right our of the gate: Unilever, Smuckers, and Kraft to name a few.

However, the product UI was difficult to use, so they were forced to interface with the ML software manually and this was not sustainable.  They needed someone to come in and build a self-service platform that would free up their CS teams, and get their customers stuck on Turing for years.


We did an enormous amount of discovery together, and developed ~12 different user flows for different parts of the logged in experience.  We had one goal from the start: make the UI stupid easy to use.  The CEO would often use Super Mario as a metaphor: the product should be as intuitive as “just keep moving to the right”.


  • 10+ User Flows Designed & Delivered
  • Facilitated Engineering Handoff
  • Several Internal Demos to Stakeholders